Recipe – Homemade Pizza

February 7, 2012 — Leave a comment

The other day I had such a great idea. I was hungry and I thought to myself “Man, I wish I had some pizza.” Immediately after thinking that I remembered that I was wanting to make my very own homemade pizza a few days before. My mom was visiting at the time so I knew I had a great helper if I ran into some trouble. Off I went to Whole Foods Market to pick up some pre-made whole wheat dough, and their homemade pesto since I wasn’t quite feeling a tomato sauce. Everything else was available to me at home which meant one thing, I was set to go! I chopped up all of the ingredients and set myself up for what was to become one of the greatest pizzas I have ever tasted. The list looked as follows:

– tomatoes

– red onion

– spinach

– feta cheese

– red/yellow pepper

– grilled chicken

– fresh garlic

– mushrooms

All I did was roll out the dough until it was rather thin since I love a nice, crispy, thin crunch. Preheat the oven to 500 degrees, and spread the pesto over the whole pie leaving a nice border for the crust. Dress the pizza with the desired amount of ingredients and put it in the oven for approx 10 minutes. Honestly it felt like it was all thrown together but it turned out great in the end. I was so pleased with the taste that we ended up making 3 and well, there’s nothing left. You can pick and choose whatever toppings you like but if you’re going for healthy try to limit yourself to natural, whole ingredients. Just think of how many days you could bring the leftovers to work as a nutritional lunch.

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