Is Water Your Best Friend?

May 23, 2012 — 5 Comments

At some point of your life somebody has probably told you that drinking water is healthy. It’s true. Drinking water is very healthy. Other than the odd coffee or beer, water is all I really drink. When I was younger I saw water as boring and tasteless but now I find it refreshing and tasteful. Sometimes there isn’t anything that can quite quench your thirst like water. But what makes water so good for you?

It has zero calories – When it comes to weight loss/gain at the end of the day it is calories in vs. calories out. A lot of people tag on extra calories when eating by drinking beverages high in calories. By cutting those beverages out and replacing with water you can better keep your calorie total in check.

Water is vital for the human body – Water helps transport nutrients and oxygen into cells, moisturizes the air in our lungs, helps with metabolism, protects our vital organs, helps our organs absorb nutrients better, regulates body temperature, detoxifies, and protects our joints.

Look younger with healthier skin – You’ll look younger when your skin is properly hydrated. Water helps to replenish skin tissues, moisturizes skin and increases skin elasticity.

Better Productivity at Work – Your brain is mostly made up of water, thus drinking water helps you think better, be more alert and more concentrated.

Better Exercise – Drinking water regulates your body temperature. That means you will feel more energetic when doing exercises. Water also helps to fuel your muscle. You will be able to go harder and see better results.

Relieves Fatigue – Water is used by the body to help flush out toxins and waste products from the body. If your body lacks water, your heart, for instance, needs to work harder to pump out the oxygenated blood to all cells, so are the rest of the vital organs, your organs will be exhausted and so will you.

Reduce the Risk of Cancer – Related to the digestive system, some studies show that drinking a healthy amount of water may reduce the risks of bladder cancer and colon cancer. Water dilutes the concentration of cancer-causing agents in the urine and shortens the time in which they are in contact with bladder lining.

It is recommended that you get 6-8 glasses of water every day in order to reap all the benefits. That will change depending on your diet and activity level, but it’s a good start to gauge your daily intake. Try drinking a glass of water with each meal, or fill up a big water bottle and try to finish it off before the day is over as a way to squeeze more into your day. One of the best ways to tell whether or not you are getting enough water is to know the signs of dehydration.

  • Dark Urine: Urine is generally pale yellow to clear when you have sufficient water intake. Dark color or strong smell indicates that you need to drink more water.
  • Dry Skin: Skin is the largest body organ and requires its share of water.
  • Thirst: Thirst is the most obvious sign that you’re already dehydrated. It is always a good practice to drink more water when you are not thirsty, don’t wait until you are thirsty.
  • Hunger: Most people mistake hunger for the indication to eat more, whereas in actual fact, they may be dehydrated. So before you have your meal, grab a glass of water.
  • Fatigue: Water is a source of energy and gives you a boost in energy.

By knowing these signs it will be easier to tell whether or not you should be drinking more water in order to reap all of the great benefits it brings to the table. Feel free to comment with any ways that help you drink more water in your day.

Drink up!


5 responses to Is Water Your Best Friend?


    Just putting this out there: Dasani water> all other ones! Dasani makes me drink water all day! =)


      That’s funny because most people can’t stand Dasani water because of the different taste it has. It doesn’t bother me either.


    Great. Now I’m going to start looking at my pee.

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