One Year Later – An Update On My Progress

August 17, 2012 — 6 Comments

I thought I knew it all. I would go to the gym, run on the treadmill, smack out a few sets of bench press, barbell curls, and pull-downs, and then reward myself with a hefty post-workout junk-fest. After all, you’re supposed to feast like a king after battle, aren’t you? I was well on my way to losing weight and getting ripped. Or so I thought. My body composition was not changing in the slightest.

My perfect plan was actually mimicking the behavior of those who go to the gym day after day and never see any results. I had become the stereotypical, hopeless gym rat forever failing to reach his goals. I needed to change, and fast.

So what did I do? I started reading, a lot. Reading helped me discover that weight loss is actually only 20% exercise, and 80% nutrition. Reading also gave me tips on how to control my hunger, and taught me that fat was healthy, and so were carbs. You can’t believe everything you read or hear, so I first tested out the suggestions, and as my knowledge grew, my waistline shrunk. My terrible food choices really were the culprits behind my failed weight loss attempts, not my lack of exercise.

It has been almost a year since my epiphany. At the beginning I was 206lbs with 19% body fat. Today I sport 175lbs with only 12% body fat. It is truly amazing what a little bit of knowledge, hard work, and dedication can get you. I struggled for years trying to attain half of what I’ve accomplished, and if I can do it so can you.

6 responses to One Year Later – An Update On My Progress


    I do think that there is a a lot of misinformation out there in terms of nutrition. Carbs and fat get a bad rep, and it seems that one needs to subsist on a diet of primarily veggies, fruits and water (with very little meat and carbs) if they want to lose weight or have a semblance of abs!

    This being said, I think the premise of your website is great because it helps clear up the confusion that exists with nutrition, which as you point out makes up a large part of weight loss. Which even for me, is still very frustrating. ….I feel like I need to eat like a rabbit and exercise like a mouse on a wheel in order to maintain a slim figure!!! 😮


      There really is a lot of misleading information out there. I’m glad that you found my website to be helpful. I will do my best to make sure this happens going forward. Keep up the good work, and thanks for reading.


    Congratulations on your weight loss!! Years ago a friend told me pretty much what you were on about in your blog that nutrition and a healthy diet is also crucial when youre trying to lose weight or get fit…so thanks for the reminder hahaha 🙂


      Thank you! A lot of people will workout but then eat whatever they want and wonder why they aren’t making any progress. Thanks for reading.


    I’m impressed! I just followed your blog so I can be inspired. 🙂 Keep up the good work!

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