Let’s Be Honest – I Hate Fruit!

August 26, 2012 — 15 Comments

People often ask me what I eat. Being a nutrition specialist, I think they’re under the impression that I eat perfectly all day, every day. While I think I do, indeed, eat perfectly, I doubt they have the same definition for “perfect” as I do. To me, in this case, perfect means eating whatever makes me happy. (Side note: composing my diet entirely of junk food does not equal happy. That’s what I used to do and I was far from happy.) To others, perfect most likely means that I devour salad, fruit, and vegetables for every meal and never crave unhealthy foods. Not true.

Salads are good and often I do crave me a mean salad, but fruits are my nemesis. I only eat fruit because I feel that I should. They contain great nutrients to make me healthy and are low in calories to help keep me lean. This doesn’t mean that I force-feed myself disgusting fruit that I don’t like. I simply limit my intake to those few that I do enjoy such as apples, oranges, and plums. In fact, I love plums.

I think my hatred for fruit stems from my general hatred for sweet foods. This sprouts all the way back to when I didn’t care about what I ate. I would be much happier with a bag of potato chips than with candy or chocolate. Nowadays, it’s peppers and hummus over berries.

Vegetables are different. I find them to be extremely flavourful, fresh, and satisfying. I have a much easier time incorporating vegetables into my diet than I do fruit. To me they are more versatile. I can toss heaps of chopped pepper, onion, or spinach into my morning omelet. I can stuff sandwiches full of lettuce and cucumber. Vegetables can even be sautéed by themselves for a delicious stir-fry.

I understand that most people tend to think the opposite and would much rather a bowl full of sweet fruit, but this is how I’ve been all my life. Why change something that makes me happy? Forcing myself to eat fruit, which I generally despise, would be temporary and go against what I preach – If you enjoy doing something, you will do it for a longer period of time. Which is why most restrictive diets fail but that’s another topic all on its own.

I am no different than anyone else. I have my preferences just like you. I choose to pass on that bag of Doritos because I prefer to eat something that can benefit my body, not because I don’t like the taste. Doritos are scrumptious.

I realize that it is tricky to eat properly in our time, but it is that realization that influences my dietary preference. I always have and always will eat what I want, but now I understand how huge of an impact nutrition has on our health. That is why eating well now makes me happy.

So when it comes to what I eat, as I’ve been trying to explain, I eat what I want. I want to eat healthy foods. What if I want to eat a basket of chicken wings? I eat them. However afterwards I generally want to make up for it and push myself a little harder in the gym, or be stricter with my eating for the remainder of the day.

My typical day of eating would look something like this:

I love eggs, so for breakfast I devour an omelet, which I’ve mastered by the way. Flipping it into that perfect half-moon shape is no longer an issue. I’ll pour two scrambled eggs into a pan and pack on the tomatoes, peppers, onion, spinach, and Sriracha because that shit is good on everything. With that omelet I’ll toast a whole wheat english muffin, smear on some almond butter and brew a fresh pot of coffee.

About 3 hours later I’ll have a snack – a stick of cheese with some Triscuits for example.

At lunch time I can make myself a turkey sandwich, with veggies, and have a side salad with more veggies. My favourite dressing is oil and vinegar because it’s light and tastes like heaven.

Soon enough I’ll be eating another snack, maybe some greek yogurt and a plum, or nuts and dried mango – something that will keep me full until dinner.

Dinner for me typically consists of some kind of meat, potato, and a veggie or two. Chicken or some other kind of lean meat is a better choice, but if I feel like beef I eat beef. I do limit myself of course.

Believe it or not, even after all of that is said and done I leave some room for yet another snack closer to bedtime. This is usually a small bowl of cereal with raisins, or something else a little sweet because as it turns out I don’t eat many sweet things, but if I do it’s at night to end the day.

This is the style of eating that has been successful for me and others I teach because it is long-term. Just because I like to help others lose weight and eat better doesn’t mean I don’t suffer from the same human cravings you do. Defeating those cravings has a lot to do with your mentality and approach towards eating. I don’t advocate eating junk food whenever you want, but I do teach to eat what you want. You just have to want healthy.


15 responses to Let’s Be Honest – I Hate Fruit!


    Great advice. I find I have the easiest time eating healthy food when I focus on the healthy food that I love. I’m with you on the fruit–it’s not that I don’t like sweet things, I do. Love them in fact. I just don’t like the texture of most fruit. But there are some fruits that I love: bananas, strawberries, kiwis, and granny smith apples. I get those whenever I can. Other fruits I like in fruit smoothies: a nice homemade one with just vanilla yogurt and fruit in it (yum!).


      I’m all about the texture in foods too! Actually, one of the main reasons I’m not very good with berries is because of the little seeds. Weird, I know. I stick with the fruits I like, just like you. Thanks for reading!


    i generally dislike most fruits too…….i make up for it by drinking fruit (mostly orange) juices which i find easier…..also i have a lemon tree and we turn the lemons into juice and use as salad dressings….i also have blackberry bushes but have not found a sutable use for these yet…..i think im gonna turn them into wine…………


      Fruit juices taste great, just got to watch out for high added sugar count. Lemon juice for salad dressing is awesome as well. Thanks for reading!


        everything is so processed these days that its hard to escape all the rubbish……..but some jusnk every now and then does no harm as long as its not over done…..we started a veggie garden and a greenhouse a few years back and are expanding it as i speak……nothing better than picking fresh veg now and eating half an hour from now….still photosynthesising so to speak….and so absolutly delicious when compared to store bought veggies….we have never looked back….i highly recommend growing your own……..


        It’s making me hungry just reading this haha.


    food for thought……if it did not exist before 1900 you should probably think twice before you eat it…………..


    I have a sweet tooth that won’t quit, fruit has been my only source of joy since I have been on a paleo challenge this month.


      Good for you. I hope it all works out. Paleo can do some pretty nice stuff. Just think of all the great nutrients you’re getting. Keep it up and thanks for reading.


    Eee, I like this post. I have to admit though that I have a great love affair with fruit, but I tend to only eat the things that are fresh and seasonal in the area. Its not fruit-snootiness, they just taste a zillion times better than the supermarket version. I love berries, but curse them in smoothies because the seeds are too gritty. Current obsession is a local winter apple which is undoubtedly the best apple I have ever eaten. Om nom. I do have some good natural aversions though: I hate cream, dislike icing (so generally shun cake), dislike any form of salad dressing (prefer veggies raw and naked) and absolutely can’t stand sweet things in cereal. Some junk is delicious though. My nemesis for a while there was Kraft Microwave Macaroni Cheese which goes against 90% of my food principals, but tastes so delicious. Got a handle on that one by not having a microwave in my wilderness cottage which forces me to cook smarter. That, being vegetarian, and living in the edge of nowehere really limits my junky choices which is awesome because when I do go for a ‘junk’ option, I realllllly enjoy it. Curses, so hungry now.


      Most people I know love fruit, but you make it interesting. Eating fruit and veggies in season helps you reap so many more nutritional benefits. I don’t care for my fruit in smoothies either for the exact same reason. But it’s good to see that you have some dislikes. It means you’re human haha. Thank you so much for reading.


    Although I have a sweet tooth, for some reason I do not enjoy fruit as well…unless it is dried fruit. And yes…the “red rooster sauce” tastes good on everything!


    Well said!! I had this converstion yesterday with my famliy and why I chose not to eat the cupcakes they just “slaved over!”. And even though, they would probably taste nice, and maybe I would enjoy it, there is no benefit to me nutritionally so I am going to pass.. They think I’m wierd. I’m glad I’m not the only wierdo out there who thinks this way!!

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