Staying Slim Over the Holidays

December 18, 2012 — 1 Comment
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The holidays are literally right around the corner. My guess is that a lot of you are worried about gaining those extra few pounds. I mean, who wouldn’t with all those delicious treats kickin’ around?

To be honest you really don’t need to worry all that much. With a few smart eating decisions you can coast your way into the New Year feeling just as great as you do now, or maybe even better! Here’s how:

Avoid severe cravings by planning ahead. Always make sure you plan healthy snacks throughout your day so when the treats are placed in front of you, your belly will be full and not want to leap forward and attack.

Eat foods that are high in protein and fat to help you feel full and satisfied for longer. Nothing feels worse than just finishing a (nutritionally speaking) empty meal and wanting more food shortly after.

Eat a big breakfast. Starting your day with a big, healthy meal will help prevent you from overeating for the rest of the day. My personal favourite is the So Healthy Scramble.

Eat a cookie if you want a cookie, but leave it at that. If you keep depriving yourself of the foods you love then you’re more likely to binge later on. Eat one, enjoy it, and then move on. The trick is to not overdo it.

Try sticking to low-carbohydrate options during these times of added temptations. This can help keep your overall caloric intake in check, but also can prevent you from rebounding and craving more sugar later in the day.

One other thing you can do is sign-up for the So Healthy Nutrition Newsletter. Having great tips and tricks like these sent to your email inbox can be very helpful and motivating. Making just a few small changes at a time can really help you reach the goals you’ve set for yourself.

It’s not Christmas Day that usually proposes the biggest problem for me, it’s Christmas Eve. On Christmas Day we usually have a big turkey accompanied by an insane amount of vegetables. These are all things I promote all year round so eating this food is easy peasy.

One Christmas Eve, however, it’s a whole new ballgame. I usually use this night as my cheat meal and devour all the goodies I want as long as I promise myself I will jump right back on the wagon the next day. I never have a problem with that.

What are some tricks you like to do to avoid gaining extra weight over the holidays?

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