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To be considerate I must warn you – this is a semi-rant.

Like most things in life, the gym has guidelines to help things run smoothly. The problem is most people are completely unaware of them (read: obnoxious).

I know it’s hard to believe tranquility exists because the gym is where huge muscle-prone meatheads gather to lift insane weights, scream at the top of their lungs, and well, do anything stereotypically “badass,” but there are a few unwritten rules.

My trip to the gym last night is what sparked this blog post. I was in a great mood. It was the first day of my new routine and everything was going awesomely well. At least until I had to do squats.

You see, I love my gym. I really do. It’s not the prettiest gym in the world but that’s ok. I sacrifice the good looks for great hours, excellent atmosphere, and the fact that it’s not busy at all. I do a lot of circuit training so I get fewer headaches with a gym that is empty. I dig it.

All of that fell apart last night though.

Yes I’m probably being over-dramatic. That’s ten times more fun. It had come time for me to do my front squats and let me tell you; I was freaking pumped for these. My whole workout I was looking forward to pushing my limits in the incredibly awkward squat position. Don’t judge.

However every time I looked over to the squat rack there was some dude curling away.

(For those of you who don’t quite get this, you might be one of those whom I refer to in sentence two of this post.)

He wasn’t just curling to himself after all. Following every set his body language would scream “Yeah, that’s right. I am wasting your time by doing something in the squat rack that can easily be done elsewhere. Solely so you can’t do your squats.”

I’m not complaining. Well, maybe a little.

I would just like to make you aware of one of the major “DON’Ts” at the gym.

Don’t curl in the squat rack. In fact, don’t do anything but squat in the squat rack.

The next time you’re having a killer workout and it comes time to squat but there’s someone doing something unreasonable at the rack and your heart rate is dropping like dub step – you’ll know what I mean.

With all of this aside though I was later able to bang out 3 good sets of squats and set the bar for the coming 5 weeks of this routine. I’m looking forward to pushing my limits on my quest for thunder thighs. It should be magnificent.

What gym issues grind your gears?

I’m out.

P.S. Barbell curls are great for developing your bicep muscles but in all honesty can be done anywhere in the gym. Please keep that in mind when wisely choosing your next spot to pump iron.

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