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I believe that the key to a successful fat loss plan is consistency, particularly with the food you eat. If your food doesn’t taste good, chances are you’ll crave the other options that could sabotage your efforts. Fat loss is a marathon. It doesn’t happen overnight. You need to find a system that works for you personally, and it has to be something you can do over a period of time.

The goal is to create a lifestyle change that is not temporary, but permanent. When you read a diet book that promises change but under extreme circumstances, you need to ask yourself whether or not you can do it long term. If not, you need to find something else.

Most of your fat loss is going to happen outside of the gym. I would be so bold as to say that the majority of it is going to happen in the kitchen. Finding foods that are healthy and delicious is how you are going to execute this plan of yours successfully until your reach your goal, or better yet, eat healthy forever.

One of my go-to healthy and delicious meals is oatmeal. When many people think of oatmeal their first thought is “boring.” That is why you need to spice it up a bit. Here’s my recipe to turn oatmeal from a boring meal into something you’ll want to eat every day.

½ cups oats

1 ½ cups of water

5 medium strawberries, sliced

1 tsp. cinnamon

10 almonds

Pour the oats and water into a pot and bring to a boil. Once it’s boiling reduce heat to low and stir occasionally for 5 minutes. While this is happening slice your strawberries. Once the oats are ready pour them into a bowl, sprinkle your cinnamon on top, and add the strawberries and almonds. It’s really that easy.

You can honestly replace the strawberries for any berry, and the almonds for another nut. It’s up to you. Like I said, success is going to happen when you find a plan that works for you. The most anyone can do is make suggestions, and educate you on the foundation of building a food plan that is meant for fat loss.

Let me know what you think of this recipe if you try it, or what changes you make to better suit you.

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I tried a new recipe a while back. It turned out so ridiculously good that I wanted to post it for all of you right away but never found the time. But fear not, because time is something I now have – for a few minutes tonight while I write this post at least.

This recipe is for a roast. It can be any beef roast of any size. You’ll just have to change the timing a little bit, which I will get into in just a second.

If you’re like me then you love your beef pretty rare. Nothing quite hits the spot like a medium rare to rare prime rib, that’s for sure. Prime rib can often be expensive, so I went on a search to find a way to cook any roast and have it come out as delicious as our supreme cut.

After failing many, many times I stumbled upon a method that I found very odd but the directions said to “trust the science.” Me, being naïve, thought it’d be a great idea to trust the science. And I did. And I am so glad I did.

When you first read this you may think I am crazy, but I am telling you that it actually works. The picture I used for this post is my actual roast.

You want to first start by rubbing the roast down with all the spices you want. This time around I was pretty basic and simply used garlic, pepper, herbs, and a little bit of salt. Then use a sharp knife to cut several ½ inch slits all the way around.

Preheat the oven to as high as most ovens go, around 500 degrees Celsius. You will only want to cook the roast at this temperature for 7 minutes per pound of roast. My roast for the picture was only 2 pounds, so I had it cook at 500 degrees for 14 minutes.

Once the time is up at the optimal temperature you’ll need to shut the oven completely off. Yes, that’s right. Turn your oven dial all the way off and let the roast sit in there for 2 hours. Please, please, please do not open the oven door during this time. The more you open the door and let the heat out, the more you risk ruining your perfectly rare roast.

I didn’t believe this method would work the first time I read it, but I gave it a whirl and sure enough it did exactly what it promised.

Do you have any special “tricks” you like to use to make the perfect roast?

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“I bet you can’t eat just one,” read the bag of ever-so-cocky Lays chips. The bag was Dill Pickle flavour to be exact – my favourite. I pondered what I had just read for a brief moment and then concluded. Challenge accepted. I furiously ploughed my fist into the bag of awesome and ripped out a single chip, shoved it into my mouth, and walked away. I had won.

I don’t always win though. To be honest, I rarely ever do. One of the reasons I’ve been so successful with weight loss and maintenance is because I know my limits. I know what my insatiable cravings are capable of.

For example: I know that I cannot have a small piece of tiramisu. I will keep eating until the whole slate of scrumptious dessert is gone. I would only be fooling me. So I save my tiramisu for when I allow myself to strategically gorge, which is another topic all on its own.

The fact that I’m trying to get at is that we’re all human and we all have no self control. (With food.)

There are certain foods that we should avoid eating often because they can rack up our calorie count quite easily. These are called domino foods.

Domino foods are foods prone to portion abuse. They get their name because once you have one, it creates a “domino” effect that leads you to eat more and more. This can really hurt any fat loss goal you may have.

Domino foods vary from person to person, but some common examples are peanuts, almonds, cookies, and chips. My personal worst domino food is the aforementioned tiramisu.

As you can see, domino foods can be both “healthy” foods, and unhealthy foods. A cup of almonds can easily add up to approximately 720 calories. I’m a firm believer that calories aren’t created equally, nor do I promote calorie counting, but generally speaking ingesting a lot of calories can demolish fitness related goals.

Learn what your domino foods are and don’t fool yourself into thinking you can have just one (or two, or three).  Being honest with yourself is one of the hardest things to do, and once you master it, you can reap all of the benefits.

What are some of your domino foods, and what do you do to prevent overeating them?

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